Our Mission: Changing Lives, One Bath at a Time


The gleaming pagodas of Myanmar, the lofty peaks of Nepal, and the mayhem of India.

These destinations were love at first sight for Thazin. But she was aghast at one thing – everywhere, street dogs were in desperate need of a bath.

From mange to filthy paws caked with dirt and matted fur to crusty skin -  Thazin's hearts ached at the fact that these poor, unfortunate canines had nobody to clean or care for them. She then decided to take things into her own hands.

Being a pet owner herself, with the naughtiest yet most adorable Chihuahua at home, she got inspired to craft the ideal bath care solution for pets.

That's how Top Top Pet Care was born. 

Today, Top Top focuses on developing a range of all-natural products, from antibacterial shampoos to fur-smoothening conditioners, designing each product to help pets look, smell, and feel good.

Thazin now works hand-in-hand with her dad, Aye Kywe, a whizzy scientist who has 30 years of chemistry and pharmaceutical knowledge under his belt. 

Aye Kywe in 1998

Previously, Aye Kywe has spearheaded efforts for companies to achieve manufacturing production licenses and to maintain GMP standards according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

With Aye Kywe overseeing our processes, we are working hard to deliver quality standard products to your beloved pooches, something we are totally passionate about!